About us

Devoked is a research, design and development company based in The Netherlands.

About the founder

Hi there, my name is Joep Schoppen, and I started Devoked because I wanted to combine all the things i’m interested in into one company. So what are my interests? It’s what I call the cycle of creation: research, design and development.

About Devoked

The brand is created in co-creation between me (Joep Schoppen) and Elizardo Gargen (check his website here).

Devoked is created in 2019. Before Devoked was named ‘The Online Nature’, before that is was ‘Cloyster’. So why did the name change three times? Well, in the beginning the company was basically a web design company. While working for a time in that field I explored other interesting parts of the ecosystem we were in. As a result we changed our name into The Online Nature; connecting the digital world with the reality. Time passed on and we began to feel the tightness of the word ‘online’, so a new name had to be thought through. Now Devoked can be anything it can be charged with. So there are no boundaries anymore for what the brand is about, as long as the brand is congruent with it’s identity.


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