Designing Human Behavior

In order to Design Human Behavior we must first understand what behavior is and how it works. Behavior is the act of making (sub)conscious choices.  

Context first

The context where the human behavior takes place limits the circumstances, conditions and rules for the way humans behave. 

And within a given context, under the right circumstances, and when certain conditions are met, then conscious and subconscious decisions are being made.

Influencing behavior with a small change is called nudging. No rules, but slightly changing the choice architect. 

As humans we have the following biases:

  • Our logic is chaotic
  • We are emotional beings
  • We are social being


It’s important to understand that every human behaves different under different circumstances. It is impossible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. But, there are trends in human conditioning.


The usability of the design looks at how easy it is to use the design. Intuitive design feels easy to use.

Changing behavior

The esthetics in the Web Design has to be aligned and congruent with the brand identity and cover colors, typography and content that is used along the Design.


How the website is structured with pages, posts and templates is hierarchy of the Web Design.


There are two teams that make a Web Design secure: Red Teams and Blue Teams. Where the blue team is focussing on protecting the system, is the red team looking at ways to get into that system. 


The internet is a big place with lots of Web Design. In order to be found it is important to play by the rules. Searching the web has been done through search engines. Optimizing the Web Design for these search engines is relatively easy when you know who is the one that is searching for the content. 


Because there is a constant risk at loosing control over the Web Design, it is important to have a support system at hand. This means making back-ups from the Design, as well as updating plugins and toning the Design to the Brand Identity.


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