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In this article we will take a closer look at the user experience (U.X.) and the user interaces (U.I.) of a HEMA in Amsterdam Noord.

The entrance

To start with describing the U.X. we start before the entrance. There are countless experiences to measure, so lets dive in the more universal aspects of which everybody will encounter.

The baskets

When opening the story HEMA I encounter baskets. The people who are in front of me (3ppl) have not taken a basket. As I’ve been conditioned to do when entering a store, I grab one for my own, not knowing wherefore I’ll need it. Within second I realise that I don’t need one and that it’s not mandatory to carry one.

The men’s section

To navigate through this store, but in stores in general. Big sign normally help the best. HEMA does a good job at this, but it needs little adjustments for the man’s section. There is no big sign for this part of the store. Hereby I was confused it might be upstairs.

I left my basket at the foot of the staircase and walked to the first floor. As soon as I looked around I could see that the man’s section was not on the first floor.

Back again to the ground floor I asked for the man’s section, which was in a corner. Finally found it.


For I was just looking for some shirts I found the perfect size and colour for my new t-shirts. Black. 17,99. 2 pieces. I picked the package and went back to the counter.


HEMA has the option to do selfscan. This is a big plus. Now you don’t need any employees anymore for paying the stuff you need. Perfect.

I left

I went back home and unpacked my package. This experience was horrible. The package had no thought over practice. I had to tear the paper of the package, but it didn’t go out smooth, as you want it too.

The end

I would recommend the HEMA to:

  1. Fix better signing outside the building; I didn’t even see the signs anywhere.
  2. Introduce a man’s section with signing too. This will attract new customers.
  3. Packaging U.I. needs improvements in the shirts packaging.

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