The 100 rules of life

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As if this wasn’t a dumb idea to think of in the first place it remind me of something that I was wanting to do for a very very long time. Writing something valuable. This idea sprung to me a month ago or so and is popping in my mind now. That means that, as a writer, I’ve entered the first stage of the writing experience: having a subject.

Het subject of this written piece will be shared via social media and is completely free for use. On my behalf I thank all the people that share knowledge for free and help to make the world a smarter place.

  1. Consciousness

  1. Most, if not all humans have consciousness
  2. Most animals have consciousness
  3. Our universe is the inside of something bigger: consciousness.

Think about it. If we focus on something with our attention it becomes real.

the six steps in design a product or service.

  1. Get the idea
  2. Write down the idea
  3. Work on the idea
  4. If it works, bring idea to life
  5. test it
  6. Optimize it

Getting control over consciousness

To control your consciousness, you need to focus on something as hard as you can. Focus on focus. When you start to lose focus, focus again until you’re focused. You know it when you are focused. This means that all outer impulses like consuming something or checking your phone or going to the toilet etc. Focus is the space where you are free. More free than on a daily basis. Because your body is aligned with the mind.

Let me explain.

Your body is like a horse that you are riding. The horse is under your command and will do most of the things you ask her. Most of the things. Not all the things. There is stuff that your mind doesn’t allow you to do. Take this simple experiment: stand straight and do nothing. Then think with your brain that you want to bend forward and that you will fall forwards. If you do this without any thought u will catch yourself with your primary leg.

This behaviour is called: surviving-reactions.

To get into focus might be a challenge because it takes a little pit if an ignition to get it on. Like when u light a lighter you need that spark. That spark of fire is exactly what u need. Once the flame is on, it will not longer need the spark and will survive on its own, until the focus is being lost again. This cycle will go on forever, but we can train to make these cycles longer and stronger.


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